The specint_to_specint tool subsets and/or rebins data in an existing specint file It accepts the following command-line arguments:


Name of input specint file.


Name of output specint file.

lam_min=<value> (optional)

Subset to have a minimum wavelength of at least <value> (\(\angstrom\)).

lam_max=<value> (optional)

Subset to have a maximum wavelength of at most <value> (\(\angstrom\)).

R=<value> (optional)

Rebin to have a uniform resolution \(\mathcal{R}\) of <value>.

dlam=<value> (optional)

Rebin to have a uniform wavelength spacing \(\Delta \lambda\) of <value> (\(\angstrom\)).

just=<L|R> (optional)

Justify the new wavelength abscissa to the left (L) or right (R).