The goettingen_to_specint tool extracts a flux spectrum from a data file in FITS format (with the schema described by Husser et al., 2013), and writes it to a specint file. This tool accepts the following command-line arguments:


Name of input FITS file.


Type of wavelength abscissa. This determines the number and distribution of points to assume for the input file. Supported options, corresponding to the different grids described by Husser et al. (2013), are HiRes (high-resolution), MedRes-A1 (medium-resolution, \(\Delta \lambda = 1\,\angstrom\)) and MedRes-R10000 (medium resolution, \(\mathcal{R}=10\,000\)).


Name of output specint file.


In order for goettingen_to_specint to build, you must first uncomment/edit the line in $MSG_DIR/build/Makefile that defines the FITS_LDFLAGS variable. This variable defines the flags used to link against your system’s FITS library.